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As with Firefox development (f.e. with Firefox3.5/Features), Snowl tasks are prioritized. For Snowl, the fuzzy prioritization scheme is:

  • P1: really want
  • P2: want
  • P3: nice to have

Release Dates

These are the release dates for the releases on the roadmap:

  • 0.2: Monday, January 12 (released)
  • 0.3: TBD (in progress)
  • 0.4: TBD
  • 0.5: TBD


0.3: simpler and smarter


  • P1 expose feeds from frecent (frequent + recent) websites [atul]
  • P1 pick a feed automatically from among feeds with equivalent content
  • P1 let users subscribe to feeds by entering the location of a website
  • P2 automatically subscribe to feeds in live bookmarks [atul?]
  • P2 automatically discard old feed items and tweets
  • P2 automatically determine how often to refresh feeds
  • P2 let users specify how long to retain feed items and tweets


  • P1 support replying to messages
  • P2 support direct messages (private messages to specific users)
  • P2 automatically subscribe to Twitter account in browser history
  • P3 shorten long URLs when composing messages


  • P1 simplify composition of messaging service implementations from Source and Target prototypes


  • P1 split collections view into resizable accounts/people sections [alta88]
  • P1 support email protocols [alta88]
  • P2 integrate Snowl into Thunderbird
  • P2 organize river view into editions
  • P3 use JS templates to build stream, river views

0.4: people and extensibility


  • P1 add a person-centric view
  • P1 automatically associate identities that represent the same person
  • P1 let users associate identities that represent the same person


  • P1 optimize database schema for sparse/custom attributes (f.e. username for Twitter, website URI for feeds)
  • P2 move OPML import/export processing into messaging service connectors so they can provide custom attributes (f.e. username for Twitter)
  • P2 compose subscription dialog from messaging service connector-specific overlays
  • P3 factor out common functionality from Feed and Twitter implementations into Source and Target prototypes


  • P2 derive conversations from message metadata
  • P2 display messages in the contexts of the conversations to which they belong


  • P2 add a wordle-like view of messages

0.5: broader horizons

Feed Conversations

  • P1 retrieve comments on feed items automatically
  • P2 enable users to post comments on feed items


  • P1 consume contact info from Portable Contacts service providers
  • P2 provide contact info to Portable Contacts consumers


  • P1 support several additional messaging services/social networks
  • P2 support categorization of accounts and messages via tagging
  • P2 synchronize subscriptions to a cloud datastore
  • P3 synchronize all message data to a cloud datastore