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It should be fine to include a test that trace memory usage of real day life, taking into account the special settings done by the user. It could be used to tune properly the default settings concerning memory usage.

Such a test could gather periodical data about the following things:

  • amount of memory avalable (incl. OS)
  • amount of memory used (average and max shold be stored)
  • how long FF is running
  • what add-ons (with their respective version number) are active (could be used to correlate memory data to find add-ons using much memory?)
  • number of open tabs
  • how often FF gets restarted (user forced? add-on update?)
  • count how many pages have been visited
  • preferred Tab-Add-ons (i.e. tab view on top or on which side (Tab-Kit))
  • are different tab colors used on diff. domains

Although no one likes to have his history/visited domains being gathered, it would be interesting to also correlate memory consumption with domains visited.