Labs/Ubiquity/Meetings/2009-05-27 Weekly Meeting

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5:00pm Pacific time


  • IRC channel: #ubiquity
  • Dial in:
    • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 202 (US Toll Free/Skype)
    • +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 202 (US/International)
    • +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 202 (Canada)


  1. mitcho
  2. jono
  3. marsf
  4. cers
  5. abi
  6. Blair
  7. heatherpedia
  8. satyr
  9. aza
  10. atul

Notes from The Happy Meeting

Please note: these notes are organized more thematically than temporally.

  • Next update: 0.1.9
    • New trac report: open 0.1.9 tickets by priority
    • Metrics gathering
      • We want to add preliminary metrics support so some usage statistics are sent back to a server.
      • Consider chartbeat as a server backend? They are friends and can cooperate on API. Jinghua (Test Pilot lead) could advise.
    • Localization of commands
      • We will use a gettext-style string replacement approach for commands... no decision yet on nountypes (focus on commands right now). The localization format will be stringbundle because (a) localizers are used to them (b) JS/XPCOM supports the format natively (with utf8, no less) and (c) we can use localization tools like pootle with it.
      • Goals for 0.1.9
        • underlying support for localization of commands
        • a frozen (future-proof) command format/API (We want to break things once now rather than over and over.)
        • localization of standard feed commands for a few languages
      • Nongoals for 0.1.9
        • Distribution/sharing of localizations
        • localization of nountypes
    • Overlord verbs
      • Jono will be working on this.
    • Should this be 0.2? 0.5?
      • Consensus: mm, maybe. Let's see in a week or two.
      • The same goes for whether Parser 2 is turned on as default or not.