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We have very few nouns at the moment. But, nouns are going to be extremely important in the future. So, if you want to help with Ubiquity, write nouns! You can learn how to do that here.

Core Nouns

See Ubiquity Nountypes Reference.

Contributed Nouns

  • noun_type_accessKey -- pulls a list of access keys from the current browser tab, used in the Access Keys plugin

Proposed Nouns

  • Nouns based on microformats
  • Twitter Friends/Followers
  • Facebook Friends
  • Yahoo Contacts
  • URL
  • History + Bookmark URLs (Suggestions retrieved from AwesomeBar (see this command) but impossible to do right now due to #37)
  • TemperatureUnit
  • CityName
  • Country
  • Timezone prototype here
  • Date for perfection of the add-to-calendar verb (in combination with the 'on' modifier for example)
  • Time, also applicable to the add-to-calendar verb (using 'from' 'till' modifiers)
  • Programming languages
  • Regex

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