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This largely is an exploratory, qualitative test exploring what users do when presented with Ubiquity for the first time. It is based on the interview format where the participants lead which tasks they perform next.


Tests will target a 30 minute duration. The browser will be fully reset (clear private data) but logged into a fake Gmail account.


Subjects will be approached at random in public places. Subjects will be referred to as "testers" and the administrator will be called a "facilitator." This is to reduce social pressures of the tester feeling that they are being criticized and the facilitators role more well defined. The literature will also follow these conventions so that the framing carries through all phases of the test.


  1. Discuss:
    1. Importance of participants contributions
    2. Moderator's role
    3. Outline of Activities
    4. Followup OPTIONAL email
    5. Thinking out loud
  3. Demographic questionnaire. (based on FF demographics)
    1. Have participant sit down on the computer and warm up "thinking out loud" by asking their background with Firefox, CLIs, and computers in general. Do not speak unless the participant starts to become self-conscious and clams up.


  1. Read statement okaying the recording of their voice and screen capture.
  2. "Familiarize with Ubiquity"

Based on known background, ask tester to perform one or more following:

  • Wikipedia
  • Weather
  • Email
  • Mapping
  • Translate


  1. Have tester fill out feedback questionnaire
  2. Discuss any particularly frustrating problems the user had
  3. Thank them
  4. Reset machine