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The original, high quality version is under the public domain at the Internet Archive. For originals without the web-cam video feed please contact


<video type="viddler" id="c33440ed" width="437" height="315" desc="1x Video Full screen hack" frame="true" position="center"/> <video type="viddler" id="6a0e48de" width="640" height="442" desc="2x Video Full screen hack List of tags here." frame="true" position="center"/>



  • gives up 3:49
  • facilitator demonstrates 5:47

Qualitative Summary

The tester briefly visits the tutorial, and even reads out-loud the option+spacebar hot-key information. She forages for information in an H1 header-centric approach- which the tutorial is not included in.

Interestingly, she actually reads the instructions out loud and the facilitator corrects but confirms her assumption. Then, she promptly scrolls up the page, finds the wiki search field, and forgets. A few minutes later she gives up and has to be shown how to operate the software.


  • Wants: search 0:42
  • Goes to tutorial 0:45
  • Reads hotkey information outloud 00:45
  • confused by wiki 1:37
  • skips hotkey info 4:45
  • video won't load 5:40
  • facilitator demonstrates 5:47
  • mousing autosuggest 6:12
  • Uses parentheses 7:12

Qualitative Summary

The use of parentheses (and self correction because the parenthesis showed up on her Google results), her command completion rates, her failure to insert a map (link is hidden in preview) and ignoring the tutorial strongly suggest she was relying solely on the auto-complete and preview windows.


  • email+ 6:18
  • wiki+ 7:12
  • google+ 7:29
  • map-insert- 13:46

Qualitative Summary

Once she started, she quickly picked up how to perform commands as most of these are successful attempts. See above.


  • Wants URL functionality in the command line 8:03
  • Search engine in the help system 00:40

Qualitative Summary

This tester is the only tester to be search dominant and may just be an abnormality. Whatever the case may be, search is a difficult and often [touchy subject. At the very least a search function has to be well defined in what is being searched for and zero in on answer on the first try. This is also why Get Satisfactions support system is so nice, multiple searches without effort.

Demographic Information

Questions taken from the FF Survey

Pretest Questionnaire
Age What OS do you normally use? How long have you been using Firefox? Rate your computer skills. Time on web per week?
23 Microsoft Windows Over 2 Years Modest/Beginner 11-20 Hours
How many computers do you regularly use? Which are the following are you familiar with using online? Have you ever used the Firefox Ubiquity before? Do you know what a Command line is? Comments
  • Email (Any)
  • Google's Gmail
  • Search Wikipedia
  • Maps/Lookup directions
No, I do not know what it is No

Posttest Questionnaire
Do you think most people would figure out how to use Ubiquity very quickly? Guess how frequently you would use Ubiquity in the future. Comments or suggestions. Is there something that the help is lacking?
Neutral Often Better images, less words. Working movie. It might be hard for people to learn how to use the tool without extra help. It is confusing for people who don't know how to program or use computer at a high level

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