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The original, high quality version is under the public domain At the Internet Archive. For originals without the web-cam video feed please contact


<video type="viddler" id="6705ac43" width="437" height="315" desc="1x Video Full screen hack" frame="true" position="center"/> <video type="viddler" id="2469883b" width="640" height="442" desc="2x Video Full screen hack List of tags here." frame="true" position="center"/>



  • Skips: hotkey info 2:09
  • Tries URL bar 2:56
  • Tries URL bar 4:42
  • Mistakes Awesome bar for Ubiquity 5:00
  • Invokes Ubiquity 13:11
  • Notices hotkey settings 12:54
  • Tries shift space 13:02
  • Accidentally Changes hotkey settings 13:02
  • Cannot find herd 22:34
  • help add command 23:37
  • new command 23:39

Qualitative Summary

User tries and mistakes the awesome bar for Ubiquity, multiple times. He only finds the hotkey setting by accident while watching the movie.


  • Tutorial 1:27
  • Dislikes tutorial 1:44
  • Skips: hotkey info 2:09
  • Confused by wiki 7:44
  • Watches video 8:47
  • Likes video 9:38
  • help add command 23:37
  • Notices hotkey settings 12:54
  • Tries shift space 13:02
  • Accidentally Changes hotkey settings 13:02

Qualitative Summary

User is very resistant to the tutorial.

The way he finds the hotkey is odd because he does so absent-mindedly while watching the video. It's funny because he accidentally changes the hotkey in the process.


  • translate+ 13:20
  • Didn't expect page text to change 14:45
  • translate+ 17:28
  • yelp+ 21:16
  • help+ 22:13
  • maps- 18:37
  • find 18:44
  • locate 19:10
  • locate 19:38
  • map+ 19:41
  • map insert- 20:08

Nonexistent Commands

Commands the user guessed on, but are not included. Good for stat research and synonyms for other commands.

  • lyrics 14:09
  • yelp insert- 21:14
  • find 18:44
  • locate 19:10
  • help add command 23:37
  • new command 23:39

Qualitative Summary

The help add command and yelp insert are particularly interesting as the user assumes that these are universal modifiers.


  • Dislikes the tutorial (1:44)
  • Likes video (9:38)

Qualitative Summary

Very vocal user. Unfortunately, the video gave him the impression that Ubiquity has a very powerful AI.

Demographic Information

Questions taken from the FF Survey

Pretest Questionnaire
Age What OS do you normally use? How long have you been using Firefox? Rate your computer skills. Time on web per week?
24 Apple OS X Over 2 Years Modest/Beginner 21-40 Hours
How many computers do you regularly use? Which are the following are you familiar with using online? Have you ever used the Firefox Ubiquity before? Do you know what a Command line is? Comments
2 Google's Gmail
  • Search Wikipedia
  • Language Translation Websites
No, I do not know what it is No

Posttest Questionnaire
Do you think most people would figure out how to use Ubiquity very quickly? Guess how frequently you would use Ubiquity in the future. Comments or suggestions. Is there something that the help is lacking?
Agree Often Easier searches, maybe a help that brings up lists of help options like in ubiquity - or have help directly in the ubiquity window so you don't have to stop browsing to find out how to do something. Make commands easier to edit, or have ubiquity understand what you're trying to say.

Editing and adding new commands within the ubiquity window.

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