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The original, high quality version is under the public domain At the Internet Archive. For originals without the web-cam video feed please contact

A busy tester who shuffled out early, without taking the post-test. Being a rare Ubuntu user, so I was thankful to be able to catch him.

He never figured out how to invoke Ubiquity despite being an advanced user and trying for over 20 minutes.


<video type="viddler" id="a8735477" width="437" height="315" desc="1x Video Full screen hack" frame="true" position="center"/> <video type="viddler" id="76ff13e6" width="640" height="442" desc="2x Video Full screen hack" frame="true" position="center"/>



  • Tunes out of video (4:14)
  • Watches Video (0:45)
  • leading (11:58)
  • Email Shortcut: E (12:04)
  • Tries right click (12:16)
  • Never invokes Ubiquity (12:32)

Qualitative Summary

Unable to figure out how to launch Ubiquity despite being an advanced user with some programming skills. Tries using E as a shortcut, tries right clicking after reading in documentation.


  • Watches Video (0:45)
  • Help: Wikipedia (2:03)
  • Tunes out of video (4:14)
  • leading (11:58)

Qualitative Summary

Besides Wikipedia the user also browsed various blogs and around the wiki. Never accesses the tutorial.


This is the only required section

  • email- (6:15)
  • email- (11:54)
  • map- (7:25)

Qualitative Summary

Tries surfing to Gmail and Google Maps to make Ubiquity work, thinks that it might be a shortcut but doesn't make the jump.


  • Feedback: Looks Cool (9:37)
  • Feedback: Name- (8:59)
  • Feedback: Security- (3:17)

Demographic Information

Questions taken from the FF Survey

Pretest Questionnaire
Age What OS do you normally use? How long have you been using Firefox? Rate your computer skills. Time on web per week?
18 Linux Over 2 Years Modest/Beginner 6-10 Hours
How many computers do you regularly use? Which are the following are you familiar with using online? Have you ever used the Firefox Ubiquity before? Do you know what a Command line is? Comments
  • Google's Gmail
  • Search Wikipedia
  • Maps/Lookup directions (MapQuest, Google Maps)
No, I do not know what it is Yes (please tell us your history below) I learned about command line when I started using Linux, and I use it almost every time I run linux. I have used it twice in Windows.

This tester did not fill out a posttest questionnaire.

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