Leaks/Status Meetings/2007-September-25

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Fixing plans

  • How do we best find and fix remaining leaks.
    • Need to find more
    • Need to find leaks when extensions are installed.
      • Jesse thinks this has to be a distributed effort: give tools to users so they can detect leaks, rather than trying to run extensions ourselves in order to find leaks in them.
    • Chrome leaks, such as download manager, prefs panel?
      • Someone suggested asking the Litmus runners to use trace-refcnt or trace-malloc.
    • AI:sicking Look into enabling trace-refcount, without the tracing part in nightlies.
    • With OS leaks lower we could enable trace-malloc manually and get more useful data.
      • bug 394466 should fix OS leaks on linux.
      • AI:cbarrett Look inte OS leaks on mac.
      • bug 374822 Need a windows tinderbox with leak numbers since OS leaks are lower there.
    • Need to measure leaked GDI/user/kernel handles on windows. Possibly show on tinderbox.

Finding leaks

  • Sayrer's leak hunting tool. Do we need to have more people run it? Should we automate? Can we improve it? Is it finding the right types of leaks?
    • bug 396368 Live connect leak the biggest one still not fixed.
    • Leaks look like they are real leaks that users run into, though sometimes find small, less important, leaks.
    • No automation or broader running needed so far, still finding enough.
  • Jesse's fuzzing. Does it find useful leaks that normal users would run in to?
  • Do leak monitoring while running tinderbox tests.
    • AI:sicking look into this.
    • We do want to run trace-refcnt, trace-malloc on reftest/mochitest
    • Ideally we'd shut down between each testcase to identify where leaks happen. Mostly useful until we reach 0, but would help with regressions too.
  • Do we need regression tests?
    • Want a separate test suite that tests for assertions, crashes, leaks.
  • Would extensions that cause GC/CC help?

Tools (fixing and finding)

  • Coverage, do we need more tools?
  • Documentation, what's the state of our current docs?

Status on found leak bugs

  • Are there leak bugs filed that are blocking further discovery?
  • Currently 292 filed bugs [1], probably lots that aren't valid any more.


  • How can we get help from the community?
  • Should we turn on some leak monitors in the nightlies?
  • Help weed out old invalid bugs?
  • Add options to reporter?

Action Items

None yet.