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Working Groups

Meta Working Group

chair: Mark Surman

Fellows Working Group

chair: Kaitlin Thaney

  • Goals:
    • Build a shared definition of what it means to be a fellow at Mozilla
    • That aligns with Mozilla’s top line org goals and strategies
    • Attracts and gives talent deep experiential learning, while maintaining what each community of practice needs.
    • Attracts new investments with evidence of the impact (collectively and individually) of Mozilla fellowships
    • Unlocks scale benefits and increase return on each dollar spent
    • Makes life easier on program leads — shared application, fellows support & administration, on- boarding, and alumni communications across focus areas
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Web Literacy Working Group

chair: Chris Lawrence & An-Me Chung

  • Goals: To get to a shared definition of Web literacy, we should:
    • Craft a simple and spreadable definition of…
    • Pressure test definitions and language…
    • Look at what we like about current version of the Web Literacy Map
    • Look at patterns and overlap with other frameworks for digital skills
      • e.g. How does the linked learning network define 21st Century skills
    • Plan changes for getting to Web Literacy 2.0
    • …and how it underpins Mozilla Academy thinking
    • Engage with a broad set of people connected and invested in the work
    • Design and launch pilots and prototypes that make Web Literacy real
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Inclusion Working Group

chair: Lynn Moore

  • Goals:
    • Elevate inclusion—already a core value—as an essential design principle in Mozilla Learning:
      • Expanding and refining inclusive design strategies for our tools, resources, and program models
      • Designing, launching, and testing pilots and prototypes to test inclusiveness and increase representation
      • Engaging with a broad set of people and partners to develop geographically informed initiatives that specifically serve women and girls, diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, and diverse economic status
    • Organize a roundtable on how to increase representation of the people who read, write, and participate on the Web
    • Identify strategic partnerships to implement these principles at scale
    • Establish clear metrics to evaluate our progress
    • Define a research agenda to support Mozilla Learning
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Developer Skills (MDN)

chair: David Ascher, Chris Mills