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Reporter User:Leo McArdle
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Past Items Whoops! I completely forgot to write my report for... let's see... too long. I'm a bad rep... (I've yet to find an emoticon for "puppy dog eyes", if anyone can find it feel free to replace this section in brackets.)


The big event of November was the Mozilla Festival. Wow... what an event.

Most of the Saturday I spent thinking: "Woah, this place is big... there are lots of Mozillians here I don't know! How on earth do I go and introduce myself and ask who on earth they are without looking like a clueless child? (which I am, in part :P)". Thankfully, Pierros decided to give me a tour of the venue and the people after I'd kinda been rejected by the session I was supposed to be helping out at. Wow. I made new friends and it was rather surprising how many people knew, or had heard of, who I was. (That sounds rather cocky written down :/).

Most of the Sunday I spent thinking: "Awww... I've gotta go soon, I wish I could stay here forever." Seriously, though, I'm gonna rewrite that Wizzard classic:

  "Oh I wish it could be MozFest everyday..."

But, looking back now, some really awesome stuff happened on the Sunday. Like the one and only Matt Garcia getting me to revamp the infodesk whiteboard display. Everybody seemed to rather like it... well, at least I know I'm not wasting time doing Art for GCSE :P

Really, MozFest is/was too awesome to put into words... although I just did. The thing I enjoyed the most, though, was the chats that us ReMos had in the lounge of our hotel. The opportunity to speak with intelligent, geeky, mozillary individuals IRL is something that doesn't happen much for me, and I loved it! (henx's chocolates were also rather good, too).


I continued my contributions to MCS, particularly to the Mozilla Antarctica site we're about to launch.

I started contributing to SUMO again! Yay! I answered quite a few questions on the sumo forum in the late hours of December 31... and the wee small hours of January 1 (I suppose that doesn't count really :P)

Next Items * An EPIC Mozilla UK community meetup (I've decided it's going to be EPIC, end of.)
  • SUMO Jetpacks
    • I mean AI to help people needing help on SUMO
  • Mozilla Antarctica launch

(Not in chronological order in any way)

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