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Current links, wiki pages, and tools

This list is not exhaustive and some wiki's will likely only make sense if you were at the meeting. Many wiki's though are good reference if you can't attend a meeting or to put in agenda items before the next meeting.

Area Links
Hello Client Front-end
Product Management
  • Current relevant links to PM working areas
  • [need to update link for Aha roadmap]
  • [need to update link Roadmap review]
  • Aha roadmap
Technical Documentation
  • Client Architecture
  • Server Architecture
Cross Team Collaboration
  • In process of identifying new QA contacts as teams have moved around
Marketing and Communications
Continued Improvement
  • Every couple of releases we have a postmortem to review what we could have done better.
  • We take the hottest topics and brainstorm on ways to improve and action items.