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Reporter User:Lsblakk
Date January 2012
Recruits 5
Past Items Interviewed a couple potential Mozilla Reps candidates. Met with the Dare2BDigital strategic committee on Jan 27th. Created and assembled the Felt Fox Soft Circuit kits (blog post & pics coming after event on Feb 11th) with the help of several volunteers (both employee and non). Attended Python Study Group which is a spin-off of the Women Who Code meetup and did some talking about open source, working in the open, learning to contribute to a distributed project. Am currently leading the participation of many women at that event to continue on a piece of code started at the Grace Hopper Open Source Day - Kids on Computers - and everyone is learning how to contribute to an open source project. Held "Occupedia" at Noisebridge in early January (5th) to introduce women to contributing to Wikipedia and brainstorm ways to get more women involved.
Next Items Dare 2B Digital finally happening on Saturday Feb 11th

PyCon March 9-11 (will be attending but also promoting Mozilla and Women in Python) MozCamp LatAm in April - am working on a talk/presentation/tutorial about organizing events for women - will come up with something more tangible soon!