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  • Mobile support - make sure mobile devices works
  • Print support, prepare a css for printing
  • Google docs/calc/notes/calendar for community website solution?
  • Gzip compression of data according to [1]
  • Right-To-Left
  • Download Firefox and Thunderbird locale version widget
  • Generic class for dropdown menus in header-bar
  • Autogrowing textboxes
  • Favicon
  • wordpress i18n (gettext)
  • wordpress theme options
  • having the option to start community sites at centrally managed server (maintaned by mozilla). This option would be appealing to small or one man l10n teams who would not like to register a domain, find hosting, install a CMS, maintain a CMS etc.
  • unified login on all sites
  • hosted communities (sth like or wikia)
  • bundled versions, not just plain themes for popular projects (phpbb, media wiki and so)
  • business cards
  • Use software to allow communities to update their status on the federated social web [paulbooker]
  • Drupal: A profile / distribution that includes BrowserID, .. Allowing content to be posted between community sites with OStatus. [paulbooker]