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MDN paid staff has a team meeting January 20 & 21, 2014 to discuss how we will help Mozilla and developer engagement meet 2014 goals

2014 Goals

Specifically we are focusing on these three company wide goals:

  • 10 m Firefox OS devices sold (=1% marketshare)
  • 10x more Mozillians
  • More hours of Firefox usage

MDN Goals

  • Quality of content
  • Grow contribution & community



Paid staff serve as curators for specific areas of the site, and will be responsible for helping the community who want to contribute to those areas, maintaining the quality and architecture of the area, and working with the engineering tams, users and community to make sure we have the right content.

  • Firefox: Will Bamberg
  • FxOS: Chris Mills
  • Apps & Marketplace: Chris Mills
  • WebPlatform: Sheppy, Jean Yves Perrier & Florian Scholtz
  • Dev Tools: Will Bamberg
  • Community: Janet Swisher
  • Meta: Sheppy

Content Health & Status

Doc Status pages will be created for all sections, and will include bug lists, in-flight and planned projects (pre-bug stage) and data on area health. Bugs should be the canonical reference for needed documentation.

Doc Status pages should have metrics. State of the content/attributes of healthy docs

  • Content Age (of areas)
  • Quicklinks
  • Kumascript errors
  • Examples/Screencast/Images
  • Compatibility tables/Spec tables
  • Structure of the page (no custom style)
  • Proper tags
  • Review/Editorial review
  • Proper/appropriate use of macros
  • Links (not a dead end)
  • Content Age (for l10n)
  • Top pages (traffic)

Will conduct an inventory to baseline site health Inventory: all of the chunks of documentation and their state (and location)

  • Hierarchy
  • How many pages
  • When created/updated
  • traffic

Will also do a project to clean up the current macros and remove obsolete ones.


Ways to remove barriers to joining and contributing:

  • Newcomer's Guide, QuickStart
  • Expose google groups (mailing list) more visibly on MDN.
  • IRC integration ( ?)
  • Mentorship (buddy) toolkit & program
  • Welcome email/onsite message when registering.
  • A blog post after each MDN community meeting
  • Implement better l10n features

Features/Projects to help retain & help existing community:

  • Badges - Q1, with MDP
  • MDN Swag
  • Developer / Doc Reps
  • Feature to "applaud" edits (depends of on-site messaging, button for admin to send an e-mail)
  • Improved Profiles (driven by MDP, Q2)
    • Feature for on-site messaging
    • Groups
  • Help Wanted


Decision: put them in the MDN Community calendar.

Doc sprints/Meet-ups

  • Quarterly staff-led, virtual
  • ad hoc local volunteer in-person
  • Regular small meetings around offices/places (like MercrediDoc)

Janet will Finish DocSprint Guide and get feedback from community

We will have at least one annual, in-person meeting for paid staff & volunteers

Ali will work with the community and evangelists on how to promote MDN at events and get support/swag for volunteers who want to go to events and promote MDN.


Paid staff with work with the engineering teams that correspond to the areas they curate, including attending work weeks, meetings, etc. Will report out to the community via email or wiki.

Doc Maintenance Process

  • Make a wiki page for projects that need specs
  • Create bugs once spec is done
  • User spreadsheet for fine grained tracking
  • Use doc status pages for summary
  • TPS Reports, monthly, for external comm:
  • Summary status page on

A project is "biggish", requires coordinator, needs a spec, has multiple bugs. A feature request is either a small new thing, or a change in existing functionality A bug is something that doesn't work as intended.

Plans, Goals & Metrics

Key projects/features we want to accomplish for the next year (this doesn't cover everything we will do, project "champions" are listed after the project)

  • Q1: Badges: Janet, Florian, Christie, Robert
  • Q1: Page Deletion: sheppy (in process)
  • Q2: Profiles: Robert
  • Q2 Localisation improvements: Jean-Yves
  • Q2-Q3- Compatibility table improvements: Jeremie
  • Q2 Metrics: Ali, Janet, Stormy
  • Q3 Learning area: Ali, Chris & Jeremie
  • Q3 Code sample improvements: Stormy, Ali