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Strategic Objectives

Support the Mozilla Mission by surfacing & creating relevant content and resources for developers

  • Document web standards and compatibility
  • Help developers learn open web technologies
  • Provide valuable content, features & tools to developers
  • Improve user experience, improve cross-site linkage & expose the broader suite of developer-focused content at Mozilla
  • Support key Mozilla projects with documentation for developers
  • Drive content localization through local communities
  • Integrate additional sources of content, such as WebMaker and github, to provide more complete & dynamic content

Engage the developer community across technologies and grow Mozilla contribution

  • Create and maintain programs to encourage and promote contribution
  • Improve site features to encourage & support community participation and content contribution - social, editing, localization, support, etc.
  • Outreach to developers through events, communications, community
    • Countries with strong Mozilla communities, lots of developers, but low participation in MDN
    • Focus on training current community to reach out to their local developers, promote MDN, hold MDN events
    • Upskill Reps in regions with low MDN penetration to become MDN advocates
    • OpenSource, web developer (particularly JS), and university events that attract a regional audience preferred
  • Partner with WebMaker to reach novice developers and encourage learning web development skills

MDN is the top search result & most trafficked web developer resource site

  • Improve user experience of MDN to broaden appeal
  • Improve SEO & search results
  • Improve metrics on MDN and use collected data to drive traffic, user involvement, and participation
  • Research site traffic, user feedback, industry trends, & market research to determine what developers are looking for
  • Integrate MDN into Mozilla technical speaker presentations
  • Localize key documentation to appeal to local developers
  • Improve MDN platform to allow improvements to user experience and performance