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MDN site

  • We should have a minor skin update for MDC before mid-December.
  • Work is underway on sorting through the issues blocking deployment of MindTouch 10.0.4.

Documentation content

  • Down to 58 dev-doc-needed+RESOLVED items.
  • Proposal for new demo pages: math demo page (feedback wanted; possible enhancement: live editing of code samples?)
    • Sheppy will investigate making it so we can use html instead of having to do xml for this.


  • Removed clear:both from CSS for the callout boxes to prevent large gaps when they're used next to the page TOC.
  • Fixed anch template so it works for sections with spaces in their titles.


Best Practices

  • Full-width tables in the new skin (Janet)
    • Avoid setting the table width explicitly, because it can cause tables to get pushed down by the TOC, leaving a bunch of dead space on the page.
  • How to add templates for locales? Problem with HTML element page in Spanish (deimidis)