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People attending:

  • Eric Shepherd (sheppy), had to leave early
  • Janet Swisher (jms)
  • Florian Scholz (Elchi3)
  • deimidis


  • Doc sprints in 2011 (Janet)

We want to have one doc sprint per quarter, alternating virtual and live sprints. The next live sprint will be following the Open Help Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 3-5.

We discussed when to have a virtual sprint in the first quarter, and tentatively chose January 28 and 29. The topic focus will again be web standards (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.). Florian wants to tackle SVG, maybe over multiple sprints. According to deimidis, the Spanish localization team might schedule a sprint a the same time.


  • Florian is reviewing MathML docs, and planning to finish all the elements by the end of the year.