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Agenda/notes for MDN Community meeting 2011-01-19

Doc sprints

  • Next sprint is a virtual one, 28-29 January: Planning page
  • What can we do to promote this and get more people involved?
    • Blog on Hacks (Janet)
    • Sheppy's blog (Sheppy)
    • @mozhacks (Janet to get creds)
    • Fill out plans on planning page (Janet & Florian)
    • about:mozilla (Sheppy)
    • Monday staff meeting notes (Janet)

Firefox 4 docs

  • Current dev-doc-needed tally: 44 bugs
  • David Bruant is going to work on the ES5 doc bugs

Site status


  • Documentation bug tracker status
    • Editing works for now (although it accepts full html, which will be changed in the future)
    • Sorting columns is done. Will push it every second