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Content development

  • Firefox 5 documentation is underway; please be sure to add relevant links to Firefox 5 for developers. See Florian's bug tracker for the bug list and notes.
  • Firefox 5 bugs should have target milestone set to Fx5/Mozilla5.
  • Compatibility tables
    • All open web content (HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, SVG, MathML, etc) should be migrated to using the new compatibility tables.
    • In addition, articles should be revised to move any Gecko-specific stuff into the tables, or into footnotes if they can't be worked into the tables.
    • Goal: to make the open web content platform-agnostic.

Documentation organization

  • We plan to split the docs into two subtrees:
    • Mozilla-specific documentation
    • Open web documentation
  • These will be on one wiki but divided this way to improve our ability to keep the open web materials browser-agnostic, and offer the ability to adjust branding on the open web docs in the future if we choose to do so.


  • Our support contract has expired; Sheppy is working on getting that cleared up.
  • Sheppy is working on a template for creating generic tab boxes, but there are problems that can't be resolved until the support contract issue is cleared up.


  • At the MoCo all-hands, we discussed ways to improve our reference documentation process, and the idea was proposed that we develop a tool that would pull an IDL or header file, let you edit it, test the JavaDoc HTML output, then let you submit a patch with a diff of the comments once you were finished in order to get edited comments into the tree. This would let writers work more or less directly in the headers and IDL files with a minimum of effort, and we could then switch to automatically generated reference documentation.
    • See PyDocWeb as a possible inspiration.
    • Can we do something where you edit WYSIWYG then get the comments regenerated?
    • Design document started. Please contribute!
  • Trevor will be updating his MDN interface documentation generator extension to handle the new release train process soon.