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Doc sprint

  • The next sprint will be June 6-8. If you are interested in participating in person in Cincinnati, and haven't talked to Janet yet, email her at (jswisher at mozilla dot com). Online participation is also always welcome.


Tag usage

To clarify a question about tags that came up recently on IRC:

  • Junk: Use for spam, pages created by mistake, or content that is so bad that it should be deleted. Pages with this tag are deleted from time to time.
  • Obsolete: Use for content that is technically superceded, but still valid in context. For example an HTML element that is obsolete in HTML5 is still valid in HTML 4.01. You can also use the {{obsolete_header()}} template to put a prominent banner on the topic.
  • Archive: Use for content that is technically superceded and no longer useful. If possible, add a note to the topic referring readers to a more current topic. For example, a page that describes how to use the Mozilla CVS repository should refer readers to a current topic on using Mercurial repos. (If no corresponding current topic exists, use the NeedsUpdate tag, and add an explanation on the Talk page.) Pages with the Archive tag may eventually be moved into an archive sub-tree and/or hidden in search results.


  • MindTouch upgrade status
  • Kuma news?