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  • Shift this meeting's time to 14:00 UTC, which is 00:00 in Asia/Australia?
    • For now, let's leave it where it is and re-evaluate at a later date.
  • Which weekend for the next virtual doc sprint?

Janet suggested four weekends at the end of July or beginning of August. Jean-Yves (teoli) can't participate in August. Florian (Elchi3) can't do July 29-30. Janet (jms) may have something else happening July 22-23. Hmm.

Site status

  • MindTouch 2010 upgrade delayed pending sorting out some performance problems. MindTouch is investigating.
  • What do we need to do to deploy the compatibility aggregator?
    • Update to look at the column headers to be sure it gets the right versions for the right browsers; right now it assumes the columns are in the order it expects (which is the order we want them in, but human error will happen sometimes).
    • Make each item in the alternate in background color (so that all the rows for, say, <script> are one color, and the rows for the previous and next elements are different). This would make each item stand out better given that they can be multiple rows.