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  • We've got open documentation issues for Firefox 5, 6, 7, *and* 8. Yikes. Take a look at the list and pick stuff to work on if you want to help.
  • Let's remove draft banners from the js-ctypes docs and make sure those pages are all tagged for tech review instead.
  • We need to update the channel header template to include the "recompile your XPCOM components" note, and update that note to link to js-ctypes as a recommendation.

Site notes

  • MindTouch has a patch in testing for the problem we've had with performance on staging.
  • cers has a nice new template for aggregating compatibility information in development; it's not quite working yet but will be fabulous when it's done.
  • We need to update the js_minversion_header and js_minversion_inline templates to use the new locations of the "New in JavaScript X" pages.

Doc sprint

  • The next virtual doc sprint will be August 12-13, 2011, similar schedule to other virtual sprints. Janet will blog on Hacks this week. T-shirts and other swag will be offered to participants.