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  • MindTouch upgrade status report

Issues Regarding Internationalization

  • <h1> isn't editable.

sheppy: <h1> is editable actually, but you have to click it up at the top now, and you then get a little edit button.

  • I bet most local communities would prefer links to English pages over red links, but we might need confirmation from active editors in those communities.

We decided that this is a good idea and Kenny will change the relevant scripts.

  • Can local communities get their Bugzilla components? (Just MDN)
    • Counter proposal: a Bugzilla product for each locale, which would then have components for different areas of localization (including Mozilla Developer Network). This would then be used for all localization issues Mozilla-wide. This is something that's been discussed in the past; see this bug:

The MDN community is fine to go with it, and BMO ( administrators seem to be fine with non-English content in this area, but there's still disagreements on how the MDN product area should be organized.

Doc sprints

  • Announcement about the sprint is waiting on to announce Mozilla's sponsorship


  • Friday, Sept. 9th, 16:00 UTC: Geolocation with Remy Sharp