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  • MindTouch upgrade complete; no known problems left.
  • The preformatted (<pre>) block can be added now using the Styles dropdown in the editor toolbar; that change was just made a few minutes before the meeting started.
  • If you have thoughts on improvements that could be made to the editor toolbar or keyboard shortcuts that would be helpful, please let sheppy know. See the MDC editor guide for information on existing shortcuts.
  • Dedicated lucene indexer for MDN is in the process of being set up. You can follow bug 686005 if you want to.


  • Firefox 7 ships on Tuesday, September 27. Any help getting final documentation issues for that done would be helpful.
  • SVG documentation is a particular area where we're short on examples, so if anyone feels like playing with SVG, that could be super helpful.
  • Tagging blitz: Leading up to on Oct 1-2, we need to tag as many of JS and DOM docs that need work as possible.