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Newsletter updates

To be published on


Please add any notable activities on MDN to the list.


  • Firefox 8 is out; docs are mostly done, although a couple of low-priority items remain, as well as one medium priority item that scared Sheppy off. If you understand it, feel free to give it a shot.
  • Firefox 9 rolls to beta now. We have 34 items left to document for it, so it's our primary focus for now.
  • Need an article on CSS positioning; any volunteers?

MDN content

  • Content guidelines (jms): Someone pointed out that we don't have these, so I created them. It's mostly examples so far; need a better articulation of what goes in each category and what is not acceptable at all.
  • Sheppy blogged about (and added to MDN) a guide to developers to help them make sure their changes get documented.

MDN infrastructure/setup

  • Once we finalize the design for the new CSS reference look, we should move its styles into the wiki style sheet instead of having to inline the styles. We probably should do the same thing for other styles we use, such as those on all our banners and boxes (such as gecko_minvesion_header). See bug 701091.


  • Today is the 7th anniversary of the release of Firefox 1.0.
  • evilpie turns 18 today.