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  • (David Bruant) Some pages are not available from the MDN front page and could benefit from being:
    • Web development
    • Web standards --> could be converted to a section about how Web standards are created
    • web This is the Django-based landing page; submit a bug if you want to change what's on it.
  • (David Bruant) Review of the HTML front page --> David will modify as proposed below
    • Canvas: this is way more about JavaScript than HTML. The HTML part of canvas is the declaration and setting size and that's it.
    • "The Importance of Correct HTML Commenting". Is this relevant content to web developers in 2011?
    • "Tips for authoring fast-loading HTML pages" talks about CSS, domain lookup, etc. Wouldn't it be better in the web developement section. What about creating a "Web_development/Performance"?
  • (David Bruant) Object.defineProperty examples Are they at the right place? --> Need to be moved out into a separate tutorial or "how-to" article
  • (Jean-Yves) Rhino documentation has been removed (a security bug was the cause). It looks the security bug is now closed, but the doc is not back... --> This issue was regarding docs on The Rhino docs on have not changed.
  • (Jean-Yves) Mobile-friendly. We have plenty of wiki pages that are not really mobile-friendly. I am guilty to create a few new ones recently. How to prevent this, list problematic pages and find alternate design for them. --> Jean-Yves will start this as a project. Add problematic articles to the mobile-love etherpad.
  • We need an article about the standardization process and at what point a standard is stable enough for deployment vs. just experimenting with it.


  • (Sheppy) New NotFound template.
    • Templates updated to use it: interface, ifmethod, HTMLElement, XULElem, XULAttr, XULProp, XULMeth, XULMeth2, MathMLElement, SVGElement, cssxref, domxref
    • Look at those templates to see how it's used, as well as the Article not found page, which is where templates route to when using this system.
    • See Sheppy's blog post.
  • Status report on the Kuma project. (Sheppy)


  • (Janet) Please join the Mozillians contributor directory if you haven't already. Tag yourself with "developer documentation" and/or "mdn".
  • (Jean-Yves) How to deal w/ editors wars?
  • (Sheppy) Discuss the idea of having occasional doc bug triage meetings