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  • (jms) "State of the Docs" etherpad
  • (jms) "Personas" (née BrowserID) is coming to MDN.
  • (teoli) Status of Fx 10 doc
  • (jms) Goal-setting


(all sheppy, all the time)

  • The reliability problems of the last couple of weeks are apparently mostly fixed.
    • The MDN-->Bugzilla connectivity problem has been fixed
    • The two MDN hosts that had been disabled for the duration went back into service at 9:30 AM PDT today (January 4).
    • See here for a more detailed explanation of what happened and how it was fixed.
    • Jean-Yves adjusted the bug template to no longer ping Bugzilla for status information. This reduces functionality slightly but improves performance of pages using the template.
  • Work on Kuma development continues; migration planning is in early stages. We still have hopes of doing the migration sometime in Q1 2012.

Doc Sprints

  • (jms) Need to plan for 2012
    • How do we measure success?
    • How do we expand/extend?
  • (jms) Q1 virtual sprint: Jan 20-21?