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  • Firefox 10
    • We missed by a good bit having Firefox 10 docs complete by launch; still at 21 dev-doc-needed items.
    • Firefox 10 dev tools docs are finished though.
  • Firefox 11
    • See the doc tracker for outstanding Firefox 11 issues. Currently 75 of them!


  • Doc sprints
    • Spring sprint in Mountain View, CA
    • Turkey localization sprint (anyone know details?)


  • Status of MindTouch extension bug
    • Extension startup process does not work well in multi-host environments like ours; the process can result in loss of configuration and subsequent startup failures.
    • MindTouch engineering has a fix in QA on their trunk.
      • Once that QA is done they will backport to the release branch.
      • Then they will test that and get a patch to us.
      • We do not expect a patch for several weeks.
    • MindTouch support has created a script that runs on the server periodically and checks for failed extensions.
      • If they're not running, configs are restored and extensions restarted
      • Currently working for the RSS, Syntax Highlighter, and DHTML extensions.
      • Script tested over the past few days and is working great.
      • MindTouch is going to add the rest of the extensions we use to the auto-repair list today.

Tools / process