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Staffing News

  • Welcome to Ali Spivak, the new MDN Product Manager! She is the direct manager of the writing staff at Mozilla and in charge of the overall MDN site/product/whatever you call it.


  • (sheppy) Review dev-doc-needed bugs.
  • Firefox 12 has shipped!
    • Firefox 15 for developers has been started
    • Sheppy will rotate the Firefox 12/13/14 pages for their new status today or tomorrow.
  • (teoli) Page titles for JS methods
    • Changes on hold until after Kuma migration. Discussion now is still useful.
  • (teoli) Dash is a Mac app that scrapes MDN content, along with a lot of other API doc sources. They include our license link and Edit button, so no license issues. Usability could use some work.
  • (jms) Doc sprint this weekend (Fri-Sun)


  • MT contract expires July 15.
  • The Kuma dev team had to reschedule the test day that was supposed to be April 20. There will be ~4 test days, starting in May. Details forthcoming.