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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #devmo channel on at 10 AM PDT. It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!


  • Editing switch TODAY (July 5th): "Edit" button goes to
    • Shooting for approx. 3pm PT
    • UPDATE: Delayed by bugs & data center issue
  • Reading switch next week
    • Shooting for July 13th; could be earlier; depends on bug count.
  • July 7-8th test days (Jeremie)
    • Is QMO ready?
      • QA will send out an email with details by end-of-day PT.
    • How to get involved more people?
      • Not quite ready for lots of people, actually. This test period is for the most active users, to get feedback and bug reports.