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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #devmo channel on at 10 AM PDT. It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!

What's new since the last meeting?

  • We launched Kuma. (Yeah, \o/, woohoo, *frolic*)
  • Bug fixing continues: both Kuma & docs: report every problem. Better duplicate reports than no reports.
  • Development team met last week. We have plans. Big Plans!

Editing tips & tricks

Now that we have successfully reclaimed the control on the platform, it is time to start improving the format (while continuing the good work on the content). So a few tip/tricks to pay attention when roaming the MDN :-)

Templates: Generating comma-separated lists

When writing new scripts that produces a comma-separated list of item like: Border-related CSS properties: border, border-top, border-bottom, border-left, border-right

Don't forget to allow the comma to be customized easily. In some locale, like Japanese, they don't use it but a similar character: 、.

See the Template for a good example (thank you, Ethertank!):

Any articles: Linking to specification(s)

Don't use a direct link followed by the template Spec: it is not maintainable. If the basic URL changes or even only the status of the spec (WD -> CR -> PR -> Rec), we have to edit all the pages manually. Result the status of the spec is often wrong.

Use the standard table with SpecName for the link and Spec2 for status. If the Spec you link to is not listed in it, just edit both templates or ask somebody with template access, mail me or open a bug. :-)

Good examples: all CSS properties have correct Specifications table, just copy, paste & edit one of them (from the edit view of course!)

 <h2 id="Specifications" name="Specifications">Specifications</h2>
 <table class="standard-table">
      <th scope="col">Specification</th>
      <th scope="col">Status</th>
      <th scope="col">Comment</th>
      <td>{{ SpecName('CSS3 Backgrounds', '#border-image-source', 'border-image-source') }}</td>
      <td>{{ Spec2('CSS3 Backgrounds') }}</td>
      <td>Initial specification</td>

A more complex example is shown there: (several specs).

If there was several historical spec (like CSS1 -> CSS2.1 -> CSS3 or HTML2 -> HTML3.2 -> HTML4.01 -> HTML5), list them all, with the newest at the top (even if still a draft).

Note: add the Specifications right before the Compatibility table, if any. Don't hesitate to add "lines" in the spec tables for sub-features if they weren't supported originally by one or the other browser:

Any article: Getting rid of the style="" attribute

Our long term goal is to get rid of the style="" attribute in article pages (in most case). So:

  • if you need some styling and don't have the privilege to edit CustomCSS yet, please test with style="" then fill a bug (or mail me or sheppy) with the page, the goal (2 lines max) and the CSS you need.
  • if you see a page using styling no more needed, you can prepare the CSS rules to replace them, then do the same (fill a bug, mail, …)

This will be very important the day we will want to update the CSS theme (E.g. for mobile): all theming will be at the same place and we will be able to test it beforehand.

Kuma status


  • Sept. 1, localization sprint, following BrasilJS, in Porto Allegre, Brazil, and virtually.
  • Sept. 28-30, documentation and localization sprint, in London and virtually. (Coincides with LisbonJS; will promote virtual participation there.)
  • MercrediDoc in Paris should start again at some point in September.