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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #devmo channel on at 10 AM PDT. It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!


  • (teoli) Report from MozCamp EU
    • Met a lot of MDN people: BYK, Jeremie, David, and much more.
    • Did a few demos and got a few new editors.
    • As we didn't have a talk we were less visible
    • Volunteers are much more used by the different parts of the projects: Reps are in numerous SIG, volunteers are asked to help testing, translating a lot of things.
    • They are quite busy: small locales are completely swamped.
    • We should focus in growing in big locale (en-US; fr, es, cn, ja but maybe also ar).
    • Easier to foster interest once we have already a few editors in a language.
    • Globally, there were more call for action from MoCo member -> volunteers than last year, and less volunteers showing what they do with our technology.
    • Great time and fun. A very very busy week-end.
  • (jms) BrazilJS Hack Day/Translation session
    • Mozilla had a booth and three speakers at BrazilJS.
    • The following day, we held a hack day and translation session. There were about 12 people in the translation room. We got 9 articles translated into Portuguese.
    • A few people who were there to hack told me that they would work on translation in the future, like "when I look something up in MDN, then I'll translate it."
    • Jaydson Gomes, who is one of the organizers of BrazilJS, volunteered to take charge of getting people to translate JS pages. There is a regular hack night called "Code n Bier" where he's going to do a lightning talk on translating MDN.
    • We had a handout at the hack day about how to use MDN, in Portuguese. I put it onto MDN in the pt-BR section:
  • (jms) Getting ready for DocSprint: London


  • (sheppy) Jen Zickerman (formerly of Mozilla Messaging) is joining the MDN docs staff next Wednesday, part-time. The current plan is for her to focus on Firefox documentation.
  • (sheppy) Need a topic driver for WebRTC.
  • Let's encourage localization communities to create community pages under
  • And let's put the English version of our localization handout from BrazilJS up on MDN in a form ready for translation by communities, to use at events.



  • (sheppy) Wiki Wednesday
    • Discussing with the MDN dev team code that needs to be written in order to resume Wiki Wednesdays.
  • (jms) State of the Docs


  • Scott Rowe from Google will be getting some help from Dave Gash (dgash). Welcome, Dave!