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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #devmo channel on at 10 AM PT (18:00) UTC). It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!

Doc sprint

  • Fall virtual sprint was nice: we got new contributors!
  • Date for the next sprint is TBD. Maybe a volunteer-led sprint in January or soon after. Otherwise, maybe not until Q2.


  • Live samples:
    • Teoli: please use them and gives us feedback.
    • Teoli: also don't put too complex example in references pages, do a tutorial itself (Using HTML contextual menu for example). In case of doubt choose one and we'll move it if needed :-)
  • Revision dashboard (see blog post:
    • jms is considering reviving "State of the Docs", now that the revision dashboard is usable.
    • Need to look at ways to improve the usability of the revision comments field, to encourage people to use it better. For example: move it closer to the Save buttons; provide a pick list as well as free form entry.
    • FredB pointed out changes to the translation UI on this page only:$edit
  • Sheppy is going through old doc bugs
  • HTML: teoli is changing slightly the page layout of the elements.


  • Expecting page moving support Real Soon Now
  • wiki.tree() and page.subpages() have landed at last!
  • Core MDN team is meeting next month to discuss upcoming plans


  • Any ideas for attracting more folks to contribute docs?
  • We continue to fall farther and farther behind, despite more and better content being produced

Anything else?

  • Upcoming meetings: Dec. 19, Jan. 2. jms will be on PTO both those days, so someone else needs to set up the agenda and announce them.
    • Sheppy will handle the Dec. 19 meeting.
    • We're skipping the Jan. 2 meeting.
  • 2013 Goals for MDN