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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #devmo channel on at 10 AM PT (18:00) UTC). It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!


  • teoli: HTML Reference – I need help:
    • Still about 20 elements to convert to new format
    • Update all specs links to add HTML 5 CR (W3C), HTML 5.1 WD (W3C), HTML LS (WhatWG) with differences
Not really complex, can be break down in small patches, by several people.
Contact teoli for instructions.
  • teoli: Tantek's article about the non-existence of CSS classes:
    • I checked the MDN: only 1 occurrence in the content, 2/3 in the Project part fixed.
    • We have to be careful not to add new ones. :-)
    • But: we don't always use HTML class in a semantic way in our example. Example class names: "slideLeft" "slideRight" convey styling information in HTML. The name of the class should be something like "previousSlide" or "nextSlide". Please fill a doc bug if you see some (or fix them).
  • teoli: new <main> element. We should document it even if not implement yet anywhere. Any taker?
  • teoli: Killing the style attribute in our pages.
  • teoli: Converting examples to live samples – need help.


  • We have a bug with the Revision Dashboard, but it will be back soon!
  • We have a Page Move now (for administrators). Feel free to ask if you see badly positioned pages.
  • We should have a Clone Page very soon. Very practical to document a new CSS property / HTML, SVG or MathML element
  • We have migrated to Google Analytics. This will give much more information about what are users looking for and how. It will help improve the quality of the pages, but also to set priorities. First preliminary info (less than 1 week of data), users look info for JS, DOM, CSS, HTML, Mozilla Stuff (build, XPCOM,… ), XUL, Apps, SVG, HTTP, Persona in that order. Harmony's new JS have a decent share of visits, like all what is new. So it make sense to concentrate on "new kids on the block". 57% comes from Google.
  • We better integrate in Twitter, using Twitter cards!
  • Our breadcrumbs are nice on Google now! (nice = readable and clickable, instead of an unusable URL)
  • John initiated a discussion (on dev-mdc and dev-mdn mailing lists) on a set of forms to suggest improvements/new features or report bugs in a friendly way. Input and ideas welcome.