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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #devmo channel on at 10 AM PDT (17:00) UTC). It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!


  • Doc sprint this weekend in Vancouver
  • Also, end of May. Jeremie will coordinate a meet-up in the Paris office during this sprint.
  • Still undecided on dates for a June sprint. Might tack it onto a Mozilla Francophone meet-up in Paris (29-30) -- run the doc sprint at the same time, and also on Monday July 1, so MozFr folks can stay for that. Teoli will email the MozFR organizers to suggest this idea.
  • Teach the Web - The #teachtheweb course is a WebMaker program that will run from May 2 - June 30 and you can join weekly guided discussions, hack hands-on activities, develop and remix teaching resources, and compare notes with a global community of makers, mentors and educators. They are also looking to collect, build, and localize documentation that helps learners make the web. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via Twitter @mozteach or the G+ Webmaker community at


  • Lots of back-end work going on.
  • We hope to have watchlists and emailed change notifications in a week or so more or less.


  • See backlog of documentation requests.
  • We're going to try using this to do a better job of tracking our work and plans.
    • Helps prioritize
    • Helps us know who is doing what and when
  • The process
    • We set a point value based on how long we think something will take to do.
    • Each writer can pick a few things to fill out their week, and mark them off as done when finished.
  • We're going to look at how to manage this process soon, but hopefully it'll help everyone know where their time is best spent.