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Changes since we last met

  • Bug 770066: You can now include spaces in tags.
  • Bug 767984: The <h#> indicators no longer appear in the WYSIWYG.
  • Bug 766356: Section editing now works in Chrome, Opera, and Safari.
  • Bug 758377: Tags are no longer duplicated after being changed.
  • Bug 766608: The links on Where is Mozilla? now drop the user into an email client.
  • Bug 764944: HTML entities no longer appear in WYSIWYG link search results.
  • Bug 765649: Edits now always take effect immediately.
  • Bug 767718: WYSIWYG style dropdown now includes "None", "Note box", "Warning box", "Callout box", "Plaintext (nowiki)", "Two columns", and "Three columns".
  • Bug 764571: Pagination now looks better. An example can be seen here.
  • Bug 768859: Question mark in syntax highlighter (and associated "About SyntaxHighlighter" box) no longer appearing.
  • Bug 766658: WYSIWYG buttons have been changed and reorganized.
  • Bug 768492: Admins can now edit site-wide CSS (with a temporary solution).
  • Bug 767533: You can now get back to the main article from the revision pages.
  • Bug 766736: Tables can now be sorted.
  • Bug 767526: You can now hover over any link to see the wiki path that it points to.
  • Bug 719668: If a user visits a page that is not translated, the English version is loaded.
  • Bug 765634: Revisions can now be deleted.
  • Bug 767035: Mindtouch keyboard shortcuts can now be used in Kuma.
  • Bug 768857: H1 header now aligned with main content.
  • Bug 769559: "Redirected from..." message is now less intrusive.
  • Bug 764426: Slashes can no longer be used in the slugs of new pages.