MDN/Archives/Dev Status Meetings/2010-12-08

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In attendance: Jay, Ozten, Retornam, Craig

Dev update:

  • ozten has auto-login working for deki and phpbb
  • SSO work flow wireframes should be ready this week (ozten)
  • string freeze at end of year; will send l10n community update soon (jay)

Design update:

  • Chowse to help design the SSO stuff; Craig to implement along with demo room work
  • Craig will be ready to help with MDN and demo room front-end first week of January (but will send him Chowse's designs when they're ready)

General stuff:

  • Need to figure out what to name SSO feature; "mozilla id" is apparently taken already by the Labs team, so need to discuss with Jono (or someone in Labs) to see if it's available. If not, we need to work with John Slater to find a good name.