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December 3, 2013

This is a weekly meeting where we discuss and prioritize bugs found in the beta of the MDN redesign.

For this week, the meeting was held via email as there were only 3 bugs to triage.

For this meeting, we concentrate on the bugs in this tree:

Key discussions/decisions:

  • Will have a follow-up meeting after the launch on December 9 to triage all of the bugs in the Post-Launch queue - will review severity and priority so the dev team can begin to work on the most important.

Bug Triage

Launch Blockers:

  • none

Post Launch:

  • Bug 943979 - Translated Zones do not look like Zones
  • Bug 943987 - Zone menu links are not translated
  • Bug 943997 - Translated Zones do not have correct parents


  • none