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October 15, 2013

This is a weekly meeting where we discuss and prioritize bugs found in the beta of the MDN redesign.

Meeting Transcript


For this meeting, we concentrated on the bugs in this tree:

Key discussions/decisions:

1. There are some problems with the current 3-column layout, especially on smaller (10” and below) screens. Bug:

  • Discussed removing the right column (reducing to 2 columns) or trying to fix the 3-column view on small screens (everyone is ok with keeping the 3rd column on larger screens, but this might be a UX issue).
  • Proposal: for under 10” screens (or all screens, if UX thinks that is the best approach), remove right column and build a floating widget in the corner or bottom of the screen that has buttons to pop up all the things we currently put in sidebars (TOC, quicklinks, zone nav, attachment list, tags). Could even have buttons in that bar to quickly navigate to the samples, syntax, etc.
  • Maybe either of these two patterns or similar (look at the mobile layout, in each case)
  • alternative: put everything except the TOC in the left column (TOC would float, or be minimized unless clicked)
  • Will ask UX (habber) for best solution
  • Note: this means that all bugs about TOC, tags, attachments should be on hold until this is resolved

2. Syntax and example appear on top of article. Currently no bug for this.

  • Not a launch blocker. UX bug should be opened & discussed.

3. There are several bugs about the H1, H2 appearance & other content styling.

4. Accessibility bugs, mostly color / contrast related

  • Some are launch blocking but not all
  • Will have accessibility folks prioritize key issues as blockers & then circle back with Sean.
  • Supposedly this ( helps determine if the user has high contrast mode on, can use to work on color/contrast issues in the design.

5. Decided that both of the language selector bugs are launch blockers. Will work with UX/design for better options & share recommended solutions with the community for feedback.

  • Bug 926308 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, People find the change language button at the bottom of the page confusing
  • Bug 926304 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Choose language should not be hidden between the gear button

6. Arrows in menus point the "wrong" way and it isn't intuitive/confusing to click on them to open the content

  • Bug 917263 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Redesign: Folder indicator icons in zone nav seem backward
  • Non-standard way of presenting arrows. Would prefer conventional way where unopened content has an arrow pointing to the right, and pointing down when open.
  • Is a launch blocker

7. The lack of highlighting of the current page in the zone nav is a problem.

  • Should be considered a blocker
  • Bug 926853 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, [Zone navigation] Intrazone navigation is difficult because the side menu doesn't show where we are.

Action Items:

  • Action (alispivak) – group bugs into topics & dependencies
  • Action (chrismills) - update with the outcome of the columns discussion and notify habber (UX).
  • Action (alispivak) – follow up with habber on UX needs from this meeting
  • Action (teoli) – open a bug for UX to explore putting syntax & example on top section of articles
  • Action (teoli) - ask Kinou to give priority to a11y bugs
  • Action (teoli) - describe behavior of both language widgets and ask habber for feedback