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This will be primarily a virtual (online) sprint, with no centralized in-person meet-up. You are encouraged to organize a local meet-up of doc sprinters in your area.


  • Start: 20 January, 15:00 UTC (7:00am US PT, 10:00am US ET, 16:00 CET)
  • End: 21 January, 23:59 UTC (4:00pm US PT, 7:00pm US ET, 01:00 22 January CET)

You are welcome to start earlier or continue later, but this time frame is when you are likely to find other people online working on MDN. Obviously, you do not have to participate the entire time; drop in when it's convenient, and sleep when you need to.

Here is a schedule for meetings in IRC during the sprint:

UTC CET US Pacific What
Fri 15:00 Fri 16:00 Fri 7:00 am Kick-off
Fri 22:00 Fri 23:00 Fri 2:00 pm status check
Sat 05:00 Sat 06:00 Fri 9:00 pm status check
Sat 13:00 Sat 14:00 Sat 5:00 am status check
Sat 18:00 Sat 19:00 Sat 10:00 am status check
Sat 23:59 Sun 01:00 Sat 4:00 pm final status and wrap-up


Some places to get ideas of things to write about:

Suggest a topic, either that you want to work on, or that you'd like to see done by someone.


If you're planning to participate, please add your name, IRC nickname and/or MDN user name, and what you'd like to work on, below (you need to create an account on this (spam-free) wiki in order to edit it):

Name IRC nick MDN ID Topic(s)
Janet Swisher jms jswisher IndexedDB File support
Trevor Hobson trevorh trevorh TBD
Burak Yiğit Kaya BYK BYK TBD
Berker Peksag berkerpeksag berkerpeksag TBD
Onur Avsar avsaro avsaro TBD
Jonathan Wilsson McGurk McGurk TBD
Burcu Dogan thejbf thejbf TBD
John Drinkwater johndrinkwater johndrinkwater TBD
Alex Lakatos AlexLakatos Alex Lakatos CSS Examples
Jeremie Patonnier Jeremie Jeremie Patonnier SVG Stuff
Jean-Yves Perrier teoli teoli2003 CSS Reference
Ioana Chiorean ioanachiorean IoanaChiorean editorial review
Florian Scholz fs Elchi3 ddn, MathML
Andreas Wagner TheOne One Tb ext dev tutorials (thunderbird-stdlib)
Patrick Wied pa7 pa7 TBD
Manuel Strehl boldewyn Manuel Strehl SVG compat charts
Cory Gackenheimer cgack cgack device orientation stuff
Marek Stępień marcoos Marcoos JS, DOM, HTML5, CSS
Michael Beckwith tw2113 tw2113 HTML/5, CSS
Frédéric Bourgeon FredB FredB Fr CSS Reference
Rajeev N Bharshetty rshetty Rshetty HTML5 , SVG code Examples