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  • Wrapping up
  • Still working on forum header and getting demos to rotate on the screens
  • Various tweaks and polish remaining, making sure things "break nicely" in IE
  • Everything will probably be wrapped up by the end of the day


  • Make tweaks to homepage based on feedback
  • Wrap up header, not much more to be done
  • Apply new theme to Demo Studio subpages
  • Add Christian's calendar to the MDN


  • Developer profiles will probably be pushed out to 0.9.8 (Q3)
  • We will shut down the forums and replace them with a landing page of Stack Overflow / reddit discussions
  • That should be it for MDN production

Dev Derby

  • There will be some changes coming

Scrum and Scrum Tools

  • Some were able to log in, some weren't
  • Everyone will try to log in today
  • If we don't have everyone logged in by Thursday, we may stop using Planbox
  • Planbox is more painful to use than we expected
  • If it doesn't work out soon, we'll just start using Bugzilla
  • This may take some investment from Webdev to help Bugzilla work for Scrum
    • Dragging stories around, etc.
    • Luke has already been using Bugzilla for Scrum-like development -- using Milestones for Sprint Backlogs, etc.
    • We may be able to use the Songbird script to generate Burndown-like stuff
    • We may need to build some kind of interface for sharing saved searches, which is not possible at the moment
  • The Webdev team might want to use the (upcoming) MDN sandbox server to do this
  • We'll start to figure out how to use Bugzilla for Scrum -- what we will use milestones for, what we will use priorities for, etc.
  • Jay and John will create a document outlining requirements, specific changes that we will need to Bugzilla to make it work for Scrum


  • Webdev team will be out next week, but we should have the last week of the month to wrap things up
  • Keep doing what we're doing with regard to 0.9.x work
  • For 0.9.9, we can use the Bugzilla setup and a more official Agile workflow
  • Luke: I think Kuma is going pretty well.
  • We need to worry about content migration sooner than later
    • We might want to start doing some trial migrations
  • We will want to post a message to the community to describe where we're at with 0.9.x and Kuma
    • The more the team blogs about the work we are doing, the better off we'll be
    • Especially for Kuma, since it is so far out. We want people to know how it's progressing.
  • There needs to be some parity with the current Deki platform, but if we need to make changes for the sake of time, we will need to communicate that