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Browser Compat Project Meeting: 02/02/2016

Attendees: Jeremie Patonnier, Stephanie Hobson, John Whitlock, Florian Scholz, Sebastian Zartner, Jean-Yves Perrier, Matthew Brandt

Discussion topics


  • l10n: We need final decision about BrowserCompat l10n strategy:!topic/
    • Suggestion
      • All strings part of the various BC GitHub repos must be localizable and the localization will be handled through Pontoon under its own project name.
      • All strings part of the data schema that are freely contributable (like info notes) will be translated through the C&M GUI.
      • The API's static strings themselves won't be localized and the API doesn't need to be l10n aware.
  • HTML Renderer micro service: We need final decision about that sub-project schedule:
    • Suggestion
      • Go with a basic version for Scooter to set up infrastructure and to accommodate C&M UI work
      • Postpone improvement to suit MDN's needs to Motorbike or Car
      • Postpone all other possible improvements of that service to Space Ship
  • MDN Data Clean Up: Strategy and requirements, open discussion
    • There is no urgency but the sooner we start the easier it will be to release to the general public
    • Some new kuma macro are needed to gather some missing meta information, in the short term it imply a raise of importer errors as the importer is not yet able to handle them (Scooter is the milestone targeted to handle those extra macro)
    • Jean-Yves manually keeps track of the rate of new importing issues to see how things goes over time.
  • Milestones: Discussion went well, now we need to freeze the next milestone aka Bicycle.
    • That milestone now have a dedicated page
    • What is a Freezed Milestone:
      • All bugs have been triaged and their severity has been properly set (major, normal, minor):
      • Adding a new major bug to the milestone is strictly forbidden without the formal agreement of the accountable stakeholders (Ali and Lonnen).
      • All minor bugs must have a mentor if contributors want to take them.

Extra items

Questions and discussion topics raised in the remaining time of the meeting

  • Is the switch strategy for Car final? ("Big Bang" switch vs. Smooth switch overtime for data display)
    • No, we need more information about the health of data over time to make accurate final decision
  • What is the expected behavior for data display if the the importer fail because of a wrong change in data on MDN?
    • Not yet defined. It is part of the requirement for the Scooter milestone.

IMPORTANT: The current status of the project does not allow to provide any formal deadline on any of the milestone. We wish to reach the Plane milestone by end of year, but at that point it's only a wish.

Decision made

  • Everybody agreed to go with the suggested l10n strategy
  • Everybody agreed to go with the suggested schedule for the HTML Table renderer service
    (However, the validity of having such service remain unclear and will be therefor discussed and settled when the discussion around the Scooter milestone freeze will occurred)

Action taken

  • Everybody: Review Bicycle in order to be ready to freeze at the next meeting