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Browser Compat Project Meeting: 02/16/2016

Attendees: Jeremie Patonnier, Stephanie Hobson, John Whitlock, Florian Scholz, Jean-Yves Perrier, Matthew Brandt, Eric Shepherd, Stephen Donner.

Discussion topics


  • Project Status
    • Bicycle is the next target and is 12% done.
    • We now have a running project management process, however we still have 2 pending issues.
      • The completion rate is still unknown which prevents us from providing any timeline so far. Bicycle will be a test run to see how to handle that.
      • The opening bugs trend is higher than the closing bugs trend. It's not unexpected at this stage of the project, but it could indicate two things:
        • We want to do too many things. If so, we need to revisit our requirements.
        • We underestimated the costs of the project. If so we need to revisit the project benefits to confirm its validity.
      • Because of that low velocity in closing bugs, a formal warning must be raised, as it is a requirement to go faster if we want to deliver the project this year.
  • Bicycle milestone freeze
    • Currently that milestone has:
      • 3 major bugs (to be freezed)
      • 19 normal bugs (with 6 of them not blocking a major bug)
      • 0 minor bugs
    • This is a "small" milestone but we keep it that way in order to measure our delivery velocity.
  • Authentication

Extra items

Questions and discussion topics raised in the remaining time of the meeting

  • How to reach the QA team in a more formal way to help with the project?
    • Matthew take an action to getting back to the project team to provide more information and explain the whole process.

Decision made

  • Bicycle is freezed: No new major bug is allowed in the milestone and it's strongly recommended to add normal bugs only if they block major bugs.

Actions taken

  • Jeremie: Will send a formal warning about the current velocity of the project.
  • Jeremie: Will make sure everybody has commented in the discussion about authentication (specifically Lonnen) and will relaunch the discussion between Marsh and April if necessary.
  • Matthew: Will provide information on how the QA team can help with the project and what kind of formalism is expected.
  • Jean-Yves: Will update Browser Compat table docs on MDN with link and information about doing it so that the importer still can import them.