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Browser Compat Project Meeting: 03/01/2016

Attendees: Jeremie Patonnier, Stephanie Hobson, John Whitlock, Florian Scholz, Jean-Yves Perrier, Lonnen.

Discussion topics


  • Project Status
    • Bicycle is 37% done.
    • Average velocity indicate the milestone could be reached in April.
      • Current change on team organization will have an impact so no prediction is reliable so far.
      • Stephanie is planning some training on Ember, it needs to be done as it's blocking the UI work.
  • Authentication discussion (open discussion)
    • No extra feedback so far, that's concerning but the curent team shift is the main cause:
      • About MDN: It needs to be discussed more with Ben & David as some of the decision could be platform or product related rather than just a technical issue.
      • About MDN: Lot of questions arise around user loss, so a communication strategy is necessary.
      • Impact about BC is that any decision needs to be delayed until further insight from Ben's team.
    • Issues that needs to be solved for Bicycle? (concerne from last Stephanie's status e-mail)
      • Looks like an Ember issue, no blockers on server side so far.
  • Project assessment to be performed (announcement & open discussion)

Decision made


Actions taken

  • Jeremie: Will loop back with John and Stephanie to finalise a formal assessment document that will be shared at the next project meeting.