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Browser Compat Project Meeting: 03/15/2016

Attendees: Jeremie Patonnier, Stephanie Hobson, John Whitlock, Florian Scholz, Jean-Yves Perrier, Eric Shepherd, Joe Medley, Benjamin Sternthal, Ali Spivak

Discussion topics


  • Project Status
    • Bicycle is 46% done.
    • C&M UI in progress: Stephanie has shared a very good demo of the first bits of the C&M UI.
    • Current change on team organization has an impact and back-end dev is de-facto on hold, as John is swamped by all the Spam issues on MDN.
  • Project assessment
    • Jeremie has performed a full project assessment for the past 2 weeks. Follow up to come on the MDN mailing list.
    • Because of the resources constrain we are facing, decision about the future of the project will be needed and are expected for the next project meeting at end of March.
  • Project organization
    • As the dev team has changed, we need to reevaluate who is the technical accountable stack-holder.
    • As the new team manager, Ben step up to take the role.

Decision made


Actions taken

  • Jeremie: Will push the project assessment on the MDN mailing list for further discussion, project decision (continue or stop) is expected for the next meeting.
  • Jeremie: Will update the RACI matrix.