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The goal of this project is to increase contribution on MDN by defining, documenting, and supporting "pathways" of opportunities to contribute. Pathways are progressions of tasks (and supporting infrastructure) that build upon one another to increase contributors' knowledge, skills, and level of responsibility on MDN. (See What makes a pathway?.)

This project support a goal of maintaining and increasing contribution on MDN in 2015: (IN PROCESS for 2015; to be completed by December 5, 2014)

  • 1100 Active (monthly) MDN contributors

By making explicit what are "entry-level" ways to contribute (and what are more advanced ones), it will be easier for new contributors to become active.

Get involved

Discussion about this project will take place on the dev-mdc mailing list. Anyone is welcome to participate. Input is especially requested from active MDN contributors who are familiar with various tasks and processes on MDN.

Janet Swisher is the project lead. She is available during business hours, US Central Time. Look for 'jms' in #mdn and #devrel on IRC.

Project Phases

Inventory of contributions tasks for MDN

  • Inventory of tasks by task type (DONE)
  • Sort tasks by skill and complexity
    • "Tasks in Pathway order" tab of spreadsheet
    • Consider "general" skill/knowledge vs. Mozilla-specific knowledge
  • Evaluate which tasks most benefit from scaling via volunteers

Document tasks

  • Focus on entry-level and scalable tasks first
  • But cover everything
  • Contribute documentation of non-MDN Mozilla-specific stuff (e.g., IRC, Bugzilla) to Mozilla Learning Center
  • Will need a status tracking page/spreadsheet for this phase


Define tracking of tasks

  • How do we know who is doing what, when, and how often?

Define mentoring program

  • Evaluate MDN's Mentor role in light of tasks we have defined and documented.
  • Does the role need to be changed or augmented?
  • How many mentors do we need, and in what areas? Define recruiting targets for 2015.

Rewards and recognition

  • Based on the tasks and pathways (and contributor motivations) we have identified, what kinds of recognition make sense to implement?

Redesign on-boarding