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Program Description

A seven-week Developer Leadership program for advanced web and mobile developers (3-5 in initial beta program with each Fellow devoting 5-10 hours per week remotely) to pair leading web and mobile engineers with Mozilla MDN and engineering teams to work on significant, influential technical learning and development projects.

The Summer 2015 schedule is:

  • WEEK ONE - Orientation: July 20-21, 2015 - Vancouver
  • WEEK TWO - Week of July 6
  • WEEK THREE - Week of July 13
  • WEEK FOUR - Week of July 20
  • WEEK FIVE - Week of July 27
  • WEEK SIX - Week of August 3

Project Purpose & Details

  • Purpose: The Developer Fellowship program provides a model for Mozilla and advanced developers to work together more extensively, allowing Mozilla to gain outside expertise and influence to help build our curriculum, shape our products and evangelize our programs.
  • Project UnBrief

Contact Information

  • Communications Channel(s): IRC = #MDN
  • Team members
    • Ali Spivak, MDN Lead
    • Diane Tate, Fellowship Program Lead
    • Stephanie Hobson, Dev Lead for website
    • Justin Crawford, Fill-in-Holes Lead for website
  • Individual Project Leads:
    • Chris Mills, Curriculum Projects
    • James Graham + Josh Matthews, TestTheWebForward
    • Brittany Storoz + Anne Van Kesteren, Service Workers
    • Nick Desaulniers, WebGL
    • Harald Kirschner, Web App Performance
    • Michelle Thorne, Laura Hiliger, Bill Mills, Curriculum Leads

Project Descriptions

  • Service Workers
    • Brief Project Description: Service workers essentially act as proxy servers that sit between web applications, the browser and (when available) the network. They enable the creation of effective offline experiences and wiill also allow access to push notifications and background sync APIs..
    • Activities & Deliverables: Write a demonstration web application (new or existing) to showcase Service Worker functionality. Provide detailed API descriptions.
    • Required skills & experience: Experienced Web developer with expertise in JavaScript, CSS, HTML as well as with efficient network interaction (queuing resource fetching, etc.). Self-starter and autonomous worker
    • Mentor information: Brittany Storoz, Mozilla Apps Engineering. Github: Twitter:
  • TestTheWebForward
    • Brief project description: Mozilla participates in an important W3C open testing initiative, To support our efforts, the Fellow will review various technical specifications to identify gaps between the documentation & current situation and refine existing tests to adapt to this cross-browser test harness.
    • Activities & Deliverables: Identify gaps between existing documentation & current development environments. The work would entail refining existing tests to adapt to this framework.
    • Required skills & experience: Experience and comfort writing Javascript test scripts.
    • Mentor Information. Josh Matthews, Mozilla Platform Group. GitHub: jdm Twitter: lastontheboat
  • Curriculum Development
    • Brief Project Description: MDN serves as a trusted resource for literally millions of developers on a regular basis. In 2015, MDN will expand the impact of this content by developing Kits of key learning materials, including such elements as code samples, videos and other elements being finalized.
    • Activities & Deliverables: Act as lead curator for technical curriculum addressing a key web technology, developing code samples, videos, interactive exercises and other components to be determined. You may propose your own subject area (examples: virtual reality on the web, network security, CSS, etc.) or we will work with you to match you to the best subject based on your background and Mozilla priorities.
    • Required skills & experience: Experienced Web developer with expertise in JavaScript, CSS, HTML and/or other key technologies. Proficient in written and spoken English.
    • Mentor information. Chris Mills, Senior Technology Writer, Mozilla Developer Network Twitter: @ChrisMills Github: ChrisDavidMills
  • WebGL
    • Brief Project Description: WebGL is the latest incarnation of the OpenGL family of real time rendering immediate mode graphics APIs. WebGL is getting some cool new features in 2015 with the standardization efforts around the WebGL 2.0 spec being published.
    • Activities & Deliverables: Help us develop a curriculum on MDN for teaching developers new to graphics programming the WebGL APIs.
    • Required skills & experience: Computer graphics experience with programmable shaders and the OpenGL, OpenGL ES, WebGL, or Direct3D APIs. Command of JavaScript and module systems preferred.
    • Mentor information: Nick Desaulniers, Sleeps at Desk, Github:, Twitter:
  • Web App Performance
    • Brief Project Description: Web performance is a feature that needs to be considered from serving content to rendering to interactivity. Finding and addressing performance bottlenecks depends on tooling the browser networking and rendering but also, often more important, user perception.
    • Activities & Deliverables: Help us develop a curriculum on MDN for teaching developers to master performance tooling and to develop web apps with performance as a feature.
    • Required skills & experience: Experienced Web developer with expertise in JavaScript, CSS, HTML. Knowledge of server-side development, caching and network layers preferred.
    • Mentor information: Harald Kirschner, Web Craftsman. Github: Twitter:

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