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Blackhole Integration

Sponsored by William R.

What problem are we trying to solve? (why are we doing this)

  • aggregate and make visible contributions & activities by Mozillians across a range of products and properties.
  • increase/improve contributor recognition

Who are we trying to solve this problem for? (target persona)

  • for the contributor: My Mozilla resume - allows someone to proudly show their contributions
  • for the community of contributors/for community builders.
  • for efficiency
  • (Related idea: better integration of Dev Profiles and Mozillians - Havi)

How do we measure success? (what is the outcome we are hoping for)

  • increase in contribution activity on MDN post-Blackhole
  • measure activity w/implementation of Blackhole as baseline, and follow up measurement after x amt of time.
  • Do Mozillians feel they are better recognized for their contributions? Could survey people to answer this.
  • Give community builders more insight into contributions being made and their meta data

Who would I need to make this happen? What types of roles would people carry out?

  • Needs developer
  • Needs product manager to define & prioritize requirements
  • Needs a program manager from the Blackhole team to provide guidance

How can I implement this idea in the smallest way to test my hypothesis?

  • Smallest: When someone edits a doc, notify Blackhole
  • In the future, show notifications for: creating a doc, translating a doc, publishing a Hacks blog post, StackOverflow, evangelism activities offline (talks, events etc)