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Are you motivated to make software better? Do you have an eye for design, usability, or user experience? The Mozilla Developer Network is looking for motivated individuals to share their thoughts on changes we make to the site.

As a contributor, you will have a impact on a resource that is trusted by countless developers every day. You will learn by doing, get your name out there, and ultimately make the web a better place for all of its users.

Joining the conversation

Sound exciting? We would love to hear from you. If you want to introduce yourself or need some help getting started, just send a message to our mailing list.


Ready to get started? Contributing is easy!

  1. Explore your options. Take a look at our progress board. Everything in the Design column is ready for discussion. Graphic design, usability, user experience, and even just opinion. Nothing it out of the question here.
  2. See what others are saying. If you find a change that interests you, take a look at the original request and any discussion thus-far. You can reach this information by first clicking the white card that corresponds to the change and then clicking the link that appears directly below the title of that change.
  3. Share your thoughts. Comment on the discussion to share your thoughts. If you do not already have a Bugzilla account, you will need to create one. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to do this.
  4. (Optional) Sign up for notifications. Want to be notified whenever we could use some help? Use your RSS reader to subscribe to our feed of changes that are being designed and could use your help. Just remember that discussion might be complete by the time you receive the notification. Always check whether the card is still in the Design column first.

That's it!

Just like that, you can help to make a highly important resource even better. You can help developers everywhere in their quest to help users everywhere. The web will be a better place because of you. Thank you!